Spiritual Art by SheeArtworks

Original art inspired by my spiritual journey

This series of artwork was inspired by my personal spiritual journey and deep interest into sacred geometry and the alchemical understanding of the universe.

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All artworks are for sale as originals, reproductions on photo paper, vinyl, canvas, retail, home decor, etc.
Send an email to shee@shee.dk to check for availability on commissioned work and prices on the existing originals.

Copyright © Mai Britt Hjemsted Karle · Shee Visual Design · SheeArtworks

Spiritual Art

As Above, So Below, Vortex

As Above, So Below, Vortex – acrylic on canvas – 45 x 45 cm

The Duality of Reality Wall Art

The Duality of Reality at Casa Om – acrylic on concrete – 600 x 230 cm

Ganesha Wall Art

Ganesha – acrylic on concrete – 240 x 240 cm

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