The Seven Step Process of Alchemy

The art of transmutation

The Great Work

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.” –The Kybalion.

What is called the Great Work in Alchemy is nothing more than a purification of the essence of the substance and a reunion of the 3 essentials (primes) in a perfected state.

The alchemical process can be applied to pretty much anything. Laboratory work, personal development, relationship development, business development, society, culture, etc.
Mentally it is a purification of Self – finding our inner truths, and balance out our masculine and feminine energies into a united whole.

The goal of the Great Work is to create the Philosopher’s Stone, which in mental & spiritual terms means a perfected state of consciousness that combines passion and feeling with thought and imagination. It’s when the masculine & feminine principle becomes balanced and synergistic within.
It is Enlightenment!

The Seven Step Process of Alchemy

The process of Alchemy, also referred to as The Great Work, is divided into 7 individual steps that operates on a trinity level. It is said, that for any lasting change to occur, the transmutation must occur on all three levels of existence. In the case of personal purification the three levels are body, mind/soul & spirit. The seven steps of the Self Transmutation process are as follows:

1 – Calcination – Aries – Burning off the Dross
• you must ward yourself against the world
• the egotistical limitations of your personal being needs to be acknowledged and typically broken
• focus on your worries and fears, laying them by the wayside as you are choosing to sooner be your greater self
• sometimes this future state being is not always what we have planned for ourselves, yet is typically the best outcome
• the Root Chakra

2 – Dissolution – Cancer – Learning to Let Go
• first purification of your current state from the remaining burnt pieces or resins during calcination
• to do this acknowledge the deeper aspect of your true nature
• this phase takes time normally, but can be expedited by engaging in creative and/or artistic actions
• the Sacral Chakra

3 – Separation (Identification) – Scorpio – Identifying Essences
• a synthesis of the other two steps
• undergoing a period of realization, met with new perception on goals, personal life and duties
• this is the birth of our magnum opus, our great work being the alchimation of all our lives
• the Naval Chakra

4 – Conjunction – Virgo – Creating the Overself
• the establishment of a newer self
• in this stage the ashes and the purified aspects of the body (self) are reconnected into a better form
• accomplish this by feeling it as a moment of self-actualization
• this stage is called the union, or the state of an initiated practical magician
• the issue here is typically that the substance is untempered, so the idea is that many people can make it to the 4th step and very much so waver from where they are now.
• the Heart Chakra

5 – Fermentation – Capricorn – Fire in the Soul
• at this point the fruits of our labor has been realized and the practitioner is being gifted with new wisdom or knowledge, partially solidifying the new mental state of their being.
• this tends to happen naturally, but do keep and open mind to the event at it will most likely come
• the Throat Chakra

6 – Distillation – Virgo – Consecration of the Stone
• a lot of individuals that come to this point fall flat, so a decent amount of attention is recommended
• this marks the last purification of the self
• it is a means of guarding the final step from the most minor of the impurities
• to achieve proper distillation is to actually use your accumulated newer self to identify these minor impurities, typically they are latent within the ego
• or you can self inflict a repeat of the previous 5 stages, this can be very helpful
• finally the ideal sense is that we can complete the ascendance
• the Third Eye Chakra

7 – Coagulation – Taurus – Ultima Matter of the Soul
• the perfection of the self
• holding a new sense of unification
• tempered to in unwavery degree
• it is the point of no return, as the self substance has been completed after multiple phases of purification and tempering activities
• the Crown Chakra

Alchemy & Creativity

Creativity is a big part of the alchemical journey of self-development. It can be a powerful tool, especially working with symbolism and ancient sigils and the transmutation circle designs. Below is an example of an Alchemical Transmutation Circle. See more Alchemy inspired art by SheeArtworks.

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