The Five Elements

Spiritual essences from the realm above

The Elements

The Elements are the building blocks of the words (or thoughts) of the creator. The Elements are spiritual essences and originate in the higher realm Above, where they represent perfect images or cosmic ideals. In the Hermetic teachings, the Four Elements result from the materialization of light or imagery within the divine One Mind of the universe.

Fire and Air are expansive “outwardly reaching” constants of nature, reaching up and out, whereas Earth and Water are contractive and turn inward and downward.

Air – Inspires
• increasing education
• improving memory
• enhancing the intellect
• learning & teaching
• improving communication
• encouraging travel
• inspiring writing
• developing new theories
• organizing your things
• assigned to the higher worlds

Fire – Energizes
• inspiring passion
• obtaining and improving sex
• creating sexual love
• enhancing creativity
• developing strength
• strengthen the will

Water – Clams
• creating friendships
• attracting and understanding love
• increasing tranquility
• assisting with emotional and spiritual healing
• calming and changing emotions
• getting needed rest
• improving understanding

Earth – Manifests
• attracting money
• obtaining jobs & promotions
• improving investments
• physical health
• increasing business
• building or enhancing your physical body
• constructing buildings and plans
• improving physical appearance
• understanding and making peace with materialism

Ether – The Life Force that Animates
The 5th element represents the One Mind of the Mental Universe
• Our spiritual Life Force
• The spirit of breath – Prana/ Chi/Kundalini
• Lack of resistance is key
• The Quintessence of our spirit
• The spiritual Life Force that animates our existence
• A transcendence of the polarity of existence on a spiritual level

Working with The Elements

I believe the beach is so very powerful because we have all the 4 elements there. Air = the wind. Fire = the sun. Water = the ocean. Earth = the sand…and the salt. And with our own presence the 5th element is represented. So we get all balanced out, recharged, energized and can let all the elements take away what does not serve anymore. Each in their own way, but simultaneously working in conjunction on the Ether.

Alchemy & Creativity

Creativity is a big part of the alchemical journey of self-development. It can be a powerful tool, especially working with symbolism and ancient sigils and the transmutation circle designs. Below is a visual representation of the five elements. See more Alchemy inspired art by SheeArtworks.

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Creativity is a big part of the alchemical journey of self-development. Especially working with symbolism and ancient sigils. Here is a collection from Shee.

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