The Chakra System

The seven energy centers of the body

Working with the Chakras

The chakra system is the basis of the energetic model of yoga theory. The ancient yogis were aware of the flow of energy in the body. They called the channels along which it flows Nadis, meaning energy nerves. There are 64,000 nadis in the energy body, with the main centers lying along a core running in front of the spine called the shushumna. The seven chakras are located along the shushumna where the Nadis intersect, from the first chakra (called the root or muladhara) at the perineum to the seventh chakra (called the crown or sarishrara) at the top of the head. The pineal gland is located at the sixth chakra, the Ajna chakra. Therefore the energetic information from the entire body travels up to and through the pineal gland.

As our understanding of the body grows with the practice of yoga, we become able to listen to the more subtle signals within. The next natural step forward is to work more on a mind and spirit level. The Chakra system is one of the most important tools in understanding the connection between what goes on in the mind and spirit, even the subconscious, and how this is usually reflected in the body.

What is unique about the Chakra understanding of the body is that it deals with the idea that we are vibrational spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than other way around.
So to find true healing and the true inner self, one must look at the body/mind/spirit complex as a whole. The Chakra system is based on the idea that there is a life force – Prana – which flows through the human body, passing the individual seven Chakra points. Each Chakra point represents a certain area of the body as well as the human experience in body, mind and spirit.

So working with yoga, meditation, pranayamas, mantras, light treatments and other tools, the aim is to harmonize the Chakras and thereby ensure a free flow of Prana through the body, and thus the mind and spirit as well. Ultimately heightening the vibrational level of the spiritual being. Assisting the body / mind / spirit complex in its powerful self healing abilities and ultimately the spiritual path to ascension.

Download this pdf file to get a greater overview of the seven Chakras.

The Chakras & Creativity

The use of mandalas as a tool in spiritual development is found in many eastern traditions. The mandala is a creative way to work with balance of the mind – particularly the subconscious mind. It can be a powerful tool, especially working with stress relief, depression or heightened frequency. Below is an example of a mandala design using sacred geometry. See more Mandala inspired art by SheeArtworks.

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