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Shee Alchemy Vision

This page is dedicated to anyone who:

• is on a journey of self-realization
• wants to connect with their body
• wants to connect with their inner being
• looks for balance in their life
• looks for natural ways of healing
• searches for understanding of sacred geometry
• searches for understanding of alchemy
• searches for spirituality

The motivation for creating this page is to share the knowledge that I have found, during my quest for seeking ancient knowledge and to find my inner true self. I continue on my search for a deeper understanding and connection – a more profound and meaningful kind of life. My vision for this section of my website, is to promote healing, love and understanding. I want to be part of the solution – the awakening – somehow. I hope to heal the world – one person at a time, starting with myself.
I want to share what has worked for me on my journey of self-discovery and spirituality, in the hopes that you will find inspiration to find and follow your own path!

However, I encourage everyone to always do their own research. Keep an open mind, stay curious and continue to asking questions.

A Brief Introduction to Alchemy

The tradition and practice of Alchemy has for long been operating in the shadows of occult societies of initiation. However, the teachings and knowledge are available to anyone who seeks. As stated in The Kybalion; “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”. You must ask questions, seek knowledge and keep your mind open on your quest for the deeper knowledge.

It is the teachings of the purification and transmutation process of the body, mind & spirit complex.
The core of the ancient knowledge is based on the The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, The Kybalion and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

Alchemists use a rich symbology, which include elemental, planetary and mineral symbolism. It is largely intertwined with astrology, magic and ancient cultures and paganism. One of the principal themes of alchemical symbolism, is the union of opposites. Which is expressed in many ways throughout the chemical as well as visual art. Such familiar figures as The Elements, The Three Primes, the twin dragons and the Ouroboros (the great serpent of the universe eating its own tail) are widely used symbols in alchemy.
The masculine principle was linked to the sun and sulfur. While the feminine principle was considered lunar, and linked to the moon and mercury. The inner fire, or what we today call the eternal flame or divine spark, was described as a salt.

It was primarily their use of mineral symbolism, which created the idea that alchemy was entirely concerned with chemistry operations. It is true that the alchemists did engage in chemical operations, but it was all in the attempt to shed light on the spiritual operations under the credo “As above, So Below”. Which is the principle pillar of all chemical thought derived from The Universal Principle of Correspondence.
Thus for the most part, the chemical alchemy was a code for higher knowledge – the spiritual alchemy.

The process of Alchemy, also referred to as The Great Work, is divided into 7 individual steps that operates on a trinity level. It is said, that for any lasting change to occur, the transmutation must occur on all three levels of existence. In the case of personal purification the three levels are body, mind/soul & spirit.

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Shee Alchemy Art & Design

Book an Alchemy Card Reading

I offer personal Alchemy Card Readings which are sessions based on intuitive notions and knowledge, initiated by a deep meditation before the reading takes place. The card system I created is based on Alchemical principles. This type of reading is a great tool in investigating your true self and desires. Only by understanding yourself and your true desires can you create the life that will make you feel fulfilled.

The readings can be private or group sessions, and can be in person, live via Skype, or a recorded video. A graphic overview of the readings card outcome and associated meaning in short is also provided. Send an inquiry to shee@shee.dk to check for availability.

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