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Shee Visual Design is focused on both online and offline visual communication within graphic design, branding, web development, content production, video post production, social media and advertising strategy.

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Shee Background

Shee Visual Design was founded in 2006 by Mai Britt Hjemsted Karle – MSc. of Information Technology – Design, Communication & Media, from the IT-University of Copenhagen. For more information about Mai Karle’s education and previous experience, please visit:
Shee Visual Design @ LinkedIn

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Graphic Design Services from Shee

Logo Design

A great logo design is the main ingredient in a successful brand DNA. It enables users to distinguish a business or product from its competitors.

Business Cards

The Business card is one of the major pillars of a good brand and effective promotion strategy. It is a basic part of networking with potential partners or customers.


The brand DNA is a visual expression of the unique selling point, and becomes increasingly important in a world where visual stimulation is on overload.

Interface Design

Today’s web design has a focus on information architecture, usability and fully responsive design to meet the need for cross platform communication.

Press n' Print

Although the advertising world today is highly focused on the online communication channels. The need for offline advertising is as relevant as ever.

Flyer Design

Flyer distribution can be an excellent addition to promoting a product, business, service, event, workshop, etc. But you need to distribute in the right context.

Online Advertising

Promote your product or business online with banners, adds or social media. This can be a powerful way to improve your brand awareness in the target audience.


Sending the right message with the choice of images used in a brand solution matters a lot. So it’s important to have visual material that signal your brand values.

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