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Hire Shee for Your Unique Creative Project

Do you have a unique creative challenge, but need some assistance bringing your idea to life?

Or perhaps you might need help perfecting a project idea or concept. Something a bit out of the ordinary or big, with special materials or in a certain location or context, or with a certain twist. Perhaps you want a unique wall art design for your business or home. Perhaps you want to integrate video into your store front display or public venue. Any unique project that involves some of the following; art, paint, design, symbolism, interaction, technology, video, animation, photography, LED lighting, Vjing, live visuals, etc.
I am always open to new creative challenges, and happy to learn new skills to accommodate the need of a unique project.

Send an email to with details about your project and the assistance you need, and I will reply to you with my ideas as soon as possible.

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Custom Made Wall Art

These wall art designs were created specifically for the Casa Om and Croc Condos vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen. Inspired by various spiritual teachings and the underwater worlds. Acrylic on concrete wall – Caribbean Underwater 200 x 120 cm / The Duality of Reality 600 x 230 cm / Ganesha 240 x 240 cm.

Caribbean Underwater at Croc Condos – acrylic on concrete – 200 x 120 cm

The Duality of Reality at Casa Om – acrylic on concrete – 600 x 230 cm

Ganesha Wall Art at Casa Om, Playa del Carmen – acrylic on concrete – 240 x 240 cm

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Custom Made DJ Pult Design

This design was created for the Roskilde Festival Metropol Stage. The aim was to express the party aspects of DJing and electronic music genres represented on the stage.

Live Visuals – VJing

VJing, also known as Live Visuals, is the art of mixing and manipulating visual content in realtime at a performance or music event.
I is used at events where the visual content intends to create an atmosphere and can also functioned as a light effect following the rhythm of the music. But the art of live visuals and VJing can be used in a variety of contexts, also where there is no music.

Here’s a list of venues where live visuals can be relevant:

• Music events & venues
• Promotion events
• Exhibitions
• Lectures
• Conferences
• Weddings

Presented below are some examples of live visual show-reels from MORE! Drum n’ Bass event in Culture Box, Copenhagen.

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