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Animation, video & motion graphics

In the media world of today these are extremely powerful communication channels. The moving image captures our attention as nothing else, and especially on social media animated, motion graphics and video content gets the most views.

Animation & video can be used with benefit in many contexts. It can be used to get your message to stand out in the feeds of social media. It can convey business values on a website’s home page. It can assist in explaining and simplifying a complex matter. It can create a certain atmosphere with live visual content displayed at a venue or event. And so much more. Only our imagination sets the limit really!

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The art of compositing includes tasks like animation, key-framing, keying and tracking, cleaning up frames, creating special effects, text animation, logo animation, character animation, etc.

The below video is a great example that utilizes all of the above mentioned methods.

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See more examples of animation & video productions developed by Shee.

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Vjing - Live Visuals

VJing, also called Live Visuals, is the art of mixing and manipulating visual content in real-time at a performance, exhibition, workshop, concert or other event.

Post Production

Post production, also called compositing in After Effects. This includes creating various effects, keying, tracking, color correcting, clean up of frames, etc.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated objects which intend to convey an idea of concept in a simple way. It can also be used to visualize movements in statistic content.

3d & Animation

3D models & animations are used in may different disciplines – from simple logo animation, across various educational content, to entire game worlds, etc.

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