Alchemy Card Readings

Looking to find answers within?

The Process of a Reading

The reading session is based on intuition, both on my part but as well on the part of the receiver of the reading. It is an exercise in looking within yourself. Triggering your subconscious with Alchemical symbolism, and illuminating what lies beneath the conscious level.

The best result is obtained when you have a focus or question for the reading. The question can be 3 faceted, as the cards allow for a 3 x 3 x 3 spread.

The reading is initiated with a deep 20 min. meditation where you and I meditate on connecting our energies, and letting the answers to the question reveal themselves. During the meditation you should hold your focus on gratitude and your question, while I focus on creating a flow of energy between us, as well as a connection to the grater All, asking for clarity to the question/focus of the reading. After about 15 min. I will begin to shuffle the cards with the intention of the answers to flow energetically into the shuffle of the cards. And finally I will lay the spread of cards for your question.

The session can be in person, live on Skype or remotely, where we meditate simultaneously, and I send a digital video with the results of the reading afterwards.

When your 20 min. meditation is compledet, I will start to explain the meaning of each card that came out. You need to stay open minded and listen within to see what comes up. The exercise it to use your intuition to get a peak behind the veil of your subconsciousness.

There are not correct or incorrect answers, or any outcomes that are better than others. Because it all depends on the perspective and the desire of the individual. Equally all the cards have both positive and negative characteristics, and therefore have both potentials. But according to the Alchemists any substance, state or situation can be purified and transformed.

The Principles Behind a Reading

The process of Alchemy, also referred to as The Great Work, operates on a trinity level. It is said, that for any lasting change to occur, the transmutation must occur on all three levels of existence. In the case of personal purification the three levels are body, mind/soul & spirit. These readings are focused on finding a balance of each of the areas of the trinity.

The planetary & thus metal influences are represented in the card deck, the five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Ether, as well as the seven universal principles of alchemy.

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Book an Alchemy Card Reading

The readings can be private or group sessions, and can be in person, live via Skype, or a recorded video. A graphic overview of the readings card outcome and associated meaning in short is also provided. Send an inquiry to to check for availability.

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