Alchemy Symbolism – Craft Art & Designs

Alchemy Symbolism - Craft Art & Designs by SheeArtworks Original symbol designs – Acrylic on wood & retail A collection of original artwork, craft and design inspired by Alchemy, its principles, sacred geometry and the practice of magic. Techniques used: Acrylic on canvas, wood or retail items and Vector design. See more Alchemy Art & Design by SheeArtworks. Read more

Shee Retro Animals – Acrylic Art

Retro Animals by SheeArtworks Original paintings of endangered animals – Acrylic on canvas “Retro Endangered Animlas” is a collection of original portrait paintings of endangered big cats by Mai Karle. The attemps it to portray the animals in an expressive way to hopefully speak their cause. All paintings are acrylic on canvas. See more Retro Animals by SheeArtworks. Read more

Sacred Geometry – Craft Art & Designs

Sacred Geometry - Craft Designs by SheeArtworks Original pattern designs – Acrylic on wood & retail A collection of craft design inspired by ancient symbols & sigils, mandalas and sacred geometry. There are some Mexican influenced design as well. Acrylic & Posca on wood and retail items. See more Craft Art & Design by SheeArtworks. Read more

SheeArt – New Shop Launch

Get unique Shee Art & Designs now @ The shop is now open for sales! I am proud to announce that the sale of unique Art & Design by SheeArtworks is now available on the website A large variety of available products At RedBubble you can purchase unique women's, men's & kid's apparel, Stationary, Device Cases, Home Decor, Bags, Arcrylic Art Blocks, Mugs, and a whole lot more. All Designed By independent top Artists. And now artwork and design by Mai Britt Hjemsted ... Read more