Yoga Worlds by SheeArtworks

Original yoga landscape paintings – Acrylic on canvas

This series of 4 hot yoga paintings were inspired by the personal yoga journey of Mai Karle. All 4 original artworks are acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm. Check out the exhibition photos from Isla de Margarita here:

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All artworks are for sale as originals, reproductions on photo paper, vinyl, canvas, retail, home decor, etc.
Send an email to to check for availability on commissioned work and prices on the originals.

Copyright © Mai Britt Hjemsted Karle · Shee Visual Design · SheeArtworks

Shee Yoga Worlds

Rise Up My People – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

Mooning the Moon – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

Get a New Perspective – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

Balance of Life – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

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