Underwater Art by SheeArtworks

Original art inspired by the underwater worlds

This series of artwork was inspired by my fascination with underwater landscapes and wildlife, which offers such a foreign but also fantastic world to explore.

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All artworks are for sale as originals, reproductions on photo paper, vinyl, canvas, retail, home decor, etc.
Send an email to shee@shee.dk to check for availability on commissioned work and prices on the existing originals.

Copyright © Mai Britt Hjemsted Karle · Shee Visual Design · SheeArtworks

Underwater Art

Caribbean Underwater Wall Art

Caribbean Underwater at Croc Condos – acrylic on concrete – 200 x 120 cm

Caribbean Underwater at Croc Condos – Clown fish closeup

Caribbean Underwater at Croc Condos – Whale shark closeup


Underwaterscape – acrylic on canvas – 120 x 75 cm

Cenote Side Mount Diver

Cenote Side Mount Diver – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

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