Commissioned Art by SheeArtworks

Bringing your ideas to life – Acrylic on canvas

This collection is a variety of commissioned artworks created specifically and in accordance with the clients wishes. Acrylic on canvas

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Send an email to to check for availability on commissioned work and prices on the existing originals. Please include all your questions and details about your project, and I will reply to you with my ideas as soon as possible.

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Commissioned Art

Cenote Side Mount Diver

Cenote Side Mount Diver – acrylic on canvas – 35 x 35 cm

To My Beloved Father

To My Beloved Father – acrylic on canvas – 60 x 40 cm

Path of Mankind – acrylic on canvas – 110 x 80 cm


Underwaterscape – acrylic on canvas – 120 x 75 cm


Evolutionary – acrylic on canvas – 110 x 70 cm

It’s a Sunshiny Day

It’s a Sunshiny Day – acrylic on canvas – 110 x 50 cm

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